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Artist | Student | Other
United States
Current Residence: my computer
Favourite genre of music: i like so much it's hard to choose.
Favourite style of art: pencil
MP3 player of choice: IPod nano
Favourite cartoon character: N/A
Personal Quote: "nya."
Hey guys. It's been a while since I've posted something here on dA but there just forces of reality that are preventing me on submitting things like school and my complicated new printer scanner which I lost the CD for so I'm trying to figure out how I can upload all of my little doodles. For now, an OC meme!!!


- Pick 7 of your OCs in any order. 
- Please link back to the blank.
- Enjoy. ;D 


1. Athena
2. Kris 
3. Jefferee 
4. Taichi

1. [1-7] State your names, aliases, et cetera and would you like a donut or milkshake?
Athena: Yo, I'm Athena or Ax. Just stay cool and we'll get along just fine.
Kris: Why hello there~ The name's Kris. Come visit me by my bar sometimes and ask for a private dance~ *sexy wink* 
Jefferee: Hello~!! I think people call me Jefferee. Or was it Joseph? Oh who cares. I'm just here to paint the town red~! *wickedly grins*
Taichi: Hello. My name is Taichi and I am a farmer *smiles* It's nice to meet you. 
Shinko: Hello. My name is Shinko, I am a CEO. If you want to do business sometime, just give me a call *hands you a business card*
Amelia: Greetings dear sir or madame. I am princess Amelia of Nirithin. It is an honor meeting you. 
Han: Hello, I am Han. A musical demi-god sent to earth by the great gods from the heavens above. Please, do not disturb me. 

2. [3] and [7] decide to bungee jump, but [3]'s cord snaps. What does [7] do?

Han: *watches Jefferee fall* 

Jefferee: WHEEE!!! BEST RUSH EVER!!!

3. [4] decides to cook dinner. What do they make?

Taichi: Of course a nice home cooked meal with vegetables that I grew outside in the fields in front of the house. 

4. [2] and [6] are at an arcade playing DDR. Who wins?

Amelia: O-oh my...What is this contraption? 

Kris: This my dear is a dance machine. *demonstrates* 

5. [1] feels bored, so they go to a bar and get drunk, when all of a sudden a liopleurodon shows up. What kind of chaos ensues?

Athena: HOW THE FUCK IS THAT NOT IN WATER?!?!?! *gets out pistols and starts to shoot at it* 

6. [5] decides to get a perm. Where do they go to show off their amazing, gigantic afro?

Shinko: I am sorry, but I do not get perms. It does not seem professional nor fitting for my character. 

7. [1] does make-up on [7] while they sleep. [7]'s reaction when they wake up and look in a mirror:

Han: ....That woman is dead. 

Athena: Looking pretty hot, music god!!! *laughs* 

8. [4] is hit by cupid's stupid arrows of lurve (temporarily, of course), and falls for [3].  What happens?

Taichi: Jeferee!!! Where are you~? :heart:

Jefferree: *hiding* 

9. [2] and [6] are stuck in a haunted house, with spirits trying to snatch their bodies. What do they do to get out - or do they get out at all? Dun dun duunnnn...

Amelia: *screams and runs* 

Kris: HOLY SHIT! Keep running girl! 

(because a princess and a stripper has no idea what to do about ghosts) 

10. [7] is a victim of a crime, and the accused is [4]. What is the crime and what is the verdict?

Han: Taichi is a bit too sweet to cause a crime. It's kind of impossible for him to be accused unless it was food poisoning. 

Taichi: I would never commit a crime! 

11. [5] and [1] enter into a talent show. Do they enter together or separately? And what is their talent?

Athena: We would enter together, but Mr.Classy over here wanted to do something more civilized. 

Shinko: Dancing seemed more appropriate, so I thought Swing would be best. 

12. [2]'s favorite song. If they don't have a favorite song, what genre do they typically listen to?

Kris: Anything that would be good for a show~ 

13. [6] and [3] fight zombie pirate ninjas with Will Smith. What happens? Is it awesome? Or is it awesome?

Jefferee: This is so cool!!! I wonder if he would live multiple lives~!!

Amelia: What am I doing here?! Why did you bring me along?! 

Jefferee: Cause I was bored. DUH. 

14. [7] and [5] go adventuring and discover some valuable once-lost treasure. How do they split it? Or if they don't decide to share - who gets it and how do they get it?

Shinko: I believe best is to split the treasure. There would be no complaints and we would have even amounts. 

Han: I agree. 

15. [1] grows to the size of a skyscraper. [4] shrinks to the size of a marble. What do each of them do with their new size?

Athena: *breaks buildings* 

Taichi: Oh my... *hides somewhere safe till the spell wears off* 

16. [2] now rules the world (whatever world they are from). What do they do with their newfound power?

Kris: *keeps many lovers* 

17. [3], [4], and [7] catch [6] running around naked in the rain. Reactions?

Jefferee: FREEDOM!!!

Taichi+Amelia: *runs off to somewhere warm and takes shelter as well as cover each other up* 

Han: *poofs back into clothes* 

18. [2], [1], and [5] face a zombie apocolypse. They have little resources left and need to get to a safehouse far away. Who survives all the way to the safe house and how?

Athena: *sets all the zombies on fire* 

Kris: We're fine.

Shinko: Setting the zombies on fire seems the best. 

19. [6] and [1] are zapped by the gender-bender. LOL. Making memes is fun.

Athena: I guess I have more muscle as a guy. 

Amelia: It would seem that princes' have a bit of a harder time since they are trained to become strong future kings. 


sorry bro. dont tag. 
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  • Listening to: mystery skulls
  • Reading: outlast fanfics
  • Watching: Space Dandy, All about the booty baby!
  • Playing: Harvest moon
  • Eating: all the foodz
  • Drinking: hot chocolate

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